Posted on April 26, 2021 By Matthews Garage Doors 
new garage door

Garage doors are a crucial part of homeowners' everyday lives, and it is important to make sure that you take the time to get the right garage door for your home. Garage doors can be expensive, but this investment will pay off in years to come. Here are 5 things you need to consider when installing a new garage door:

Cost & ROI

Garage doors are not only for home security, they can also be a great way to increase your property's value. Not to mention the benefits that come with improved convenience and safety in our daily lives!

The average cost of garage door installation ranges from $800-$1600 depending on size and material used. It is important to consider both this price point as well as any potential return you could see due to its effectiveness when it comes time to sell or rent out your house too!


You can't go wrong with garage door accessories, they help you feel like the king of your castle. Keyless entry systems provide increased security and don't require any kind of manual input whatsoever - just enter a code once or twice on their corresponding remotes. If it bugs you every time when someone has to manually open/close your gate before driving inside then these long-distance remotes are for you! They'll get in and out without having to leave the vehicle at all while giving that extra sense of protection against potential thieves as well.


Some doors need more maintenance than others. If you want something with a luxurious feel, then you might choose a wooden garage door. But it is different from steel and aluminum in that it needs more maintenance and upkeep. In Matthews, NC we have harsh weather conditions throughout the year so keep this in mind as you think about the different materials of doors.


Imagine you're shopping for a new garage door. You should consider your needs first before anything else! It sounds obvious, but it's important to know the "why" behind your decision and what benefits you stand to gain from this purchase as well.

For example, if there are vehicles or temperature-sensitive equipment in a storage that need protection then make sure the insulating properties of any potential doors have been taken into consideration when making a final choice: keep those items insulated at all times with these materials handling everything fairly well so long as they are not too extreme on either end (too humid or dry).


What color garage door would you like? Would it be best to get a curtain-style or an overhead style for your needs? Have you considered how the exterior of your house will look with this new addition, and what colors are available that will match well with both styles? We can help guide you through all of these decisions by providing examples in each category so feel free to contact us if there is something specific on which we may provide insight!


I hope this post helped you decide if you want to install a new garage door. If I missed any important details, please leave them in the comments below and let me know what they are!

Lastly, remember that it is always wise to hire professionals for complex jobs like installing your doors because there could be liability risks involved as well as potential warranty voids such as having someone not properly tighten screws or bolts or damaging other parts of the system when trying to adjust things on their own.

If you have questions about whether something needs to be fixed on their current setup, you can call up a Matthews Garage Doors Repair expert who will come out and assess everything.