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Do you know how hard your garage door works? It is not easy. Many people use it as their front door, so many people walk in and out of it. Your garage door is essential to have in good shape, so take care of it and fix any problems that happen with it.

North Carolina can be difficult for garage doors. This is because of the climate and the weather. Follow these tips if you want to keep your door for as long as possible:

1. Visual Inspection

A visual inspection is the best way to find out if there are any problems. If you have a problem, you can fix it before it gets worse. Check the parts and listen to your door. If something is broken, you can set the problem immediately to keep getting worse.

2. Track Cleaning

As we live in a dry, dusty climate, dirt and debris can get into the tracks of our garage door. If they are not clear, the door won't work well. To fix this problem, you need to clean it up and make sure there is nothing in the way of the track.

3. Tightening Hardware

Hardware Tightening: Sometimes, your door can make noise because the hardware is loosening. You might want to check the brackets and bolts that hold the rollers.

4. Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is the rubber that goes around your garage door seal. More dust will get in when it starts to go, and your garage door will not work very well. The weatherstripping can begin to break off or leak.

This happens because of the dry climate of our area. Look for cracks at the base of your garage door where the weatherstripping is sealed on each side with paint or caulking. If you see any brittle parts, they need to be replaced soon so that there are no leaks or breaks in the seal when it rains, which causes water damage in a home and makes it hard for a garage door to open and close quickly (or at all).

5. Test Door Balance

Disconnect the automatic garage door opener and open it by hand. If it is easy to open, then you do not need help. If it is hard to open or have to hold it up to keep it up, you need a professional who can help with rebalancing.

6. Reversing Mechanism

Modern garage doors have a reversing mechanism that automatically reverses the door when it hits something. Check if your door has this safety feature by putting a roll of paper towels across the threshold. If the door automatically goes away, then you are safe.

7. Garage Door Photo Eye

Federal law requires you to have a system that stops people from getting trapped in your garage door. There are two beams of light, and if they are broken, the door will automatically reverse. You should test this by closing your garage door then waving something across the eyes to make sure.

8. Lubrication

Use lithium grease to lubricate your door’s moving parts. It would be best if you did this once per year. It is important to strike the right balance. You want enough grease on the parts, so they move, but not too much that dirt and debris are stuck on them for a long time.

A Word Of Warning

Garage doors are heavy and under a lot of tension. Be careful when you take on these repairs. The tips above will be safe for an average homeowner, but you should call Matthews Garage Doors if you are not sure. They offer services for garage door repair and garage door panel replacement.

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