About Us

Matthews Garage Doors is one of the most reputed garage door services companies in the entire city. We are serving the citizens of Matthews, NC, since 2010. When we started our journey, the company had limited resources and experience. However, with a period of more than a decade, we grew and learned. We have served thousands of customers while facing challenges that required unusual skill-sets and knowledge. With patience and hard work, we moved forward, winning over every challenge and delivering customer satisfaction.

Now, every day we get numerous queries regarding garage doors. Many customers require new installations and other requests for repairing the damaged garage doors. We never say NO to a customer who is looking for support and service. As we have multiple teams, we try our best to cater to our customers' needs as soon as possible. Whenever there is a garage door emergency, we send technicians right away to deliver the services. They help the customers get rid of the emergency issue and make sure the least possible damage takes place.

We wish to become a garage door company that citizens trust. They must know that whenever there are any garage door issues, we are here to solve the problems at the best prices and best quality.

Matthews Garage Doors- Ethics that Made Us Successful

Since starting, we are following certain rules and ethics that we never break. These ethics have helped us achieve the success we have now. Therefore, when we provide you garage door services, there is no exception to the ethics mentioned below. Furthermore, they help us to serve you better and deliver contentment.

Not Profit Oriented

To run a garage door company, it is necessary to earn profit. However, while starting the company, our founders decided to provide affordable services to residents. In the long run, the budget-friendly prices attracted several customers. As the customer base was larger than expected, our overall profit even exceeded the target. That’s why, even during the pandemic, we keep the prices minimal for the benefit of customers.

Tailored Solutions

We know that every customer has different demands. Therefore, the solution that we provide them must be unique. When we discuss the requirements with a customer, we ensure understanding them correctly. Everything should align with customer needs, whether it’s the material, design, garage door parts, or any other attribute. As we place so much focus on customers’ unique needs, we get their satisfaction in return when we present the final solution.

We Strive for Availability

It is not possible for us to be available all the time. There are chances that appointment slots get booked by customers already. However, even during rush hours, we always keep teams in the backup. Sometimes, an emergency occurs due to situations such as breaking of garage doors, vehicles getting stuck under the garage door, etc. Our team arrives instantaneously when such problems occur and put the emergency to an end.

Know a bit about the garage door services we provide

Garage door installation service

We create unique garage door designs for our customers and install them on-premises by using state-of-the-art tools.

Garage door opener repair

We provide immediate service for repairing garage door openers to avoid breaking and further damaging garage doors.

Garage door opener Installation

If you wish to install a brand new garage door opener at your place, our technicians are familiar with all their types and have experience installing them.

Garage door panels replacement

We try our best to make garage door panels replacement cost-effective for you without compromising on its quality and material requirements.

Garage door springs replacement

We not only replace garage door springs but also suggest the best replacement options that work for the long run without developing corrosion and rusting.

Garage door rollers replacement 

Get the best rollers replacement which continues to have noiseless operations and smooth movement of garage doors for years.

Garage door track replacement

Replace your current garage door track with top-quality ones and forget the need of changing it for a long-lasting period.

Garage door cables repair and replacement

We provide the best cables and install them efficiently, allowing them to bear the load of garage doors without experiencing any fault.


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