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Garage door cables are one of the crucial components of any garage door. The main aim of the cables is to facilitate smooth functioning of the garage door. The cables are usually found in the cable drums located at the axle's extreme ends on which springs reside. They typically start at the roller brackets located at the bottom of the door to the top's cable drums.

The garage cables function in a reverse mechanism of the garage springs. The springs usually expand and help in opening the doors. At this time, the cables run around the grooves located in the cable drum, assisting springs to unwind. On the other hand, when the door is closed, the cables loosen from the drums to restore the spring's tension.

This displays the importance of cables in the garage door assembly. If it stops functioning properly, it can cause of a lot of trouble. That’s why call reliable technicians like us to check and repair your cables. We also offer replacement service when repairs are not possible. You only need to call us on-704-910-8392 to get the best service in Matthews.

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Garage cables can be fragile when they are worn out. They might break at times, leading to the damage of the entire garage door. After all, no one likes to see a garage shut down just because of the inappropriate cables. It is always better to approach an experienced garage door cable repair company in Matthews; you can call us at 704-910-8392.

We offer intuitive garage door cable repair and replacement services to all the residents in Matthews. Over the years, we are rated as one of the top performers in our industry, with a history of serving many successful garage door services.

We offer replacement service for all types of garage door cables. However, we only provide garage door cables replacement only when it is necessary. We first try to solve the issues with the help of repair, but if shows no long-term solution, replacement is the only option that we suggest.

Garage Door Cable Repair & Replacement Matthews NC

Different types of garage door cables we repair and replace at our company

There are mainly three different types of garage door cables used in both residential and commercial buildings of Matthews for which we have record of providing repair and replacement services.

Torsion Spring Garage Door Cables

The torsion cables are attached to the bottom corners of the garage doors. These cables help in unwinding the torsion springs attached to the door. As you lift your garage door, the torsion springs usually extend and allows the garage door to rise. In case of failed torsion springs, you can give us a call at 704-910-8392 to repair or replace them.

Extension Spring Garage Door Cables

The extension spring garage door cables are also attached to the bottom corners of a garage door. These cables help in closing the garage doors. When a garage door is closed, these cables stretch and hold the springs back and prevent the door from opening. If you face trouble closing your garage doors, it denotes the damage in the extension spring door cables.

Safety Garage Door Cables

The safety garage door cables are helpful in case of broken extension or torsion springs. These cables are usually attached to the garage door tracks and can hold the broken springs in the air, preventing further injuries caused.

Why do garage door cables break?

There are multiple reasons why garage door cables usually break. With our profound experience in garage door cable replacement, we have listed below common reasons why these cables might be prone to breakage.

Improper Wounding

Many times, it happens that the garage door cables wound around the drums inappropriately. This leads to jamming of the doors and thus leads to damage of entire doors. Sometimes, the cables are completely unwounded from the drums. In such cases, just reconnecting the cables will bring them back to normal.

Rust Formation

The formation of rust weakens the functioning of garage door cables. It eats up the entire cable and leads to a damaged garage door. Always have an eye on your garage cables and see if there is any rust formed. In case you detect any rust being formed, you can call us at 704-910-8392 for further assistance on how to prevent the rust.

Damaged Pulleys

Sometimes, the pulleys of the garage doors may be damaged. This has an immediate effect on slowing the garage door cables as well. The cables tend to open slower and also get stuck in between sometimes. In such cases, without any delay, it is better to reach out to a professional garage cable replacement company to fix the issue.

Why are we the best garage door cable replacement company?

This is all the info you need to know about the garage door cable repair and replacement services we offer. For any further queries related to our services, you can call us at 704-910-8392. Our customer care team is available 24* 7 to serve the customers.  

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Customer satisfaction means the most to us. Once we are done with the garage door cable repair, we just don't run away from you. Instead, we stay back and test the cables functioning at least two to three times to confirm that it works up to the mark.

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Many times, customers don’t have professional garage door cable replacement service in their area. That time, they have a problem in finding out service providers who can visit their place. Please note that we serve all areas of Matthews, NC. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about the location. Just make a call, and we will be there to provide you garage door cable replacement service. Even if your home or commercial building is located in a remote location, do not hesitate to reach us by calling on- 704-910-8392.

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