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Hiring a technician for garage door services requires considering several factors. The technician must have the required skills, provide on-time availability, and render affordable quotations.

You might be thinking that getting all qualities in one place is not possible. It wasn’t possible before Matthews Garage Doors came into existence. Our company offers garage door installation exactly how customers require. While providing the service, we keep the following attributes into consideration:

  1. We strive to perform garage door installation at your convenience. It allows us to make sure that the customer experience remains satisfactory.
  2. It is important to choose garage door material wisely. We analyze the weather condition and specific needs, according to which homeowners needs to decide the best material.
  3. We believe in serving the unique needs of customers in a unique way. By providing customized solutions, we deliver garage door for you, which is one of its kind.

If you believe that our services can provide you with garage door installation how you want it, give us a call on 704-910-8392. We will understand your requirements and send our technicians to deliver the service.

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The Complete Garage Door Installation Process


Contact us for new garage door installation

To get our garage door installation service, you need to initiate communication. When you call us on 704-910-8392, our customer support executive understands your requirements and communicates with technicians regarding the need.


Assigning technician and booking appointment slot

After the initial discussion, we book an appointment at your convenience. We assign the job to the technician whose profile exactly matches your needs. The person would have experience in fulfilling similar garage door requirements.


Inspection and discussion

Our technicians visit your building on time according to the appointment time. They inspect the garage door requirements and have further discussion with you. We finalize the specifications of the garage door, its design, material, and garage door installation cost during the discussion.


Designing of Garage Door

As per the discussion, we ask our designers to create the garage doors aligning with your requirements. Before starting the manufacturing, we provide you with the complete design, which will help you to understand how the garage door will appear after installation.


Manufacturing of Garage Door

After finalizing the design, our job is to manufacture the best quality garage door for you. We use materials such as aluminum, wood, steel, or composites for garage doors. Please be assured that we only use high-grade certified material.


On-premises Garage Door Installation

After the manufacturing is complete, we bring the garage door and install it with precision. We also assemble all other parts such as garage door opener, rollers, track, etc.


Review and Feedback

When the garage door installation is complete, it’s time to check the movement. We raise and lower down the garage door multiple times, ensuring proper motion. You can also provide feedback, and we will make the changes according to your suggestions.

Know the type of Garage Doors with We Deal in Matthews, NC

The usual difference between garage doors is the material. For different buildings, different garage door materials are considered suitable. During the initial discussion or inspection, we finalize the material as per your needs. To have quick information about garage door types and unique benefits, call us now- 704-910-8392. We have mentioned brief information about garage door services for various garage door types:

aluminum garage door

Aluminum Garage Door Installation

If you stay in a humid climate, you need a corrosion-resistant garage door. For that reason, aluminum material is the best for garage doors. Also, they are lightweight and easy to install. We offer aluminum garage doors in multiple colors and designs. Whatever your design requirements are, let our executives know. We will provide you a customized solution for sure.

garage door with windows

New Garage Door Installation with Glass Panels

You might like to install glass panels on the top or bottom of the new garage door. We can use the base material like aluminum, wood, steel, or any other composite and fix the glass panels as per the design. Such garage doors uplift the charm of your home or commercial building, making it appealing and enchanting.

composite garage door

Composite Garage Door Installation

When you want multiple features in one garage door, it’s best to use composite material. We can create any composite as per the requirements. For instance, if the garage door size is large, we choose the lightweight material so that the garage door opener can easily pick it up. Similarly, if weather conditions are harsh, we will choose a durable composite.

Steel Garage Door Installation

Steel Garage Door Installation

The uniqueness of the steel garage door lies in the wide range. These doors are available at a budget-friendly price range. Moreover, they are cost-effective when it comes to electricity bills. They consume lesser energy in lowering down and raising the garage door, providing a long-term benefit to customers.

There are many more types available at Matthews Garage Doors. If you wish to discuss the new garage door installation material, contact us easily by calling us on 704-910-8392.

What are the benefits of choosing Matthews Garage Door installation services?

  1. We provide a wide range of garage doors when it comes to pricing, material, or designs.
  2. You can even get a customized garage door where every inch of its design will be according to your suggestions.
  3. We provide emergency garage door services where we send technicians right after you provide us your details.
  4. We only hire licensed technicians, ensuring high-quality work and professional behavior.
  5. Our technicians follow instructions of social distancing and wear masks to avoid COVID-19 spread.
  6. We also provide post-service support where we stay available to serve you even after the job is over.

If you have any new garage door installation requirements, reach us without second thoughts. Our executives are ready to assign the job to technicians and send them right away. One call and get the best garage door for your home or commercial building- 704-910-8392.

Garage Door Installation Matthews NC

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