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If you are on our site, you must be looking for any of the garage door services we provide. If yes, then browse the site for detailed information on the garage door services. If you are searching for garage door spring replacement, here is all you need to know about the service we offer.

The garage is the shelter of vehicles. It is necessary to pay attention to the garage doors, which is crucial for any traditional or modern garage. The components like door springs, rollers, and panels must be checked often to make sure that they are working as expected.

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What are garage door springs?

Garage door springs are similar to other types of springs used in closing and opening the doors. They are of two different types—the extension and torsion garage springs. The extension springs work in expanding and compressing mechanisms, whereas torsion springs work in a twisting mechanism. Coming to the placement, the extension springs are mounted on the side of the garage door track. On the other hand, torsion springs come with drums at both ends. They are placed in a horizontal position on the steel shaft of the garage doors.

Both springs are necessary for the closing and opening of the garage doors. If you find any inappropriate functioning in any of these springs, you can reach us to install garage door springs. We shall help you to replace the faulty garage springs and protect your garage door from getting damaged.

As one of the top garage door spring replacement service providers in Matthews, we are familiar with all types of garage door spring issues and why they occur.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Matthews NC

Why do you need to replace garage door springs?

Exhausted lifespan of the springs

The lifespan is one of the crucial factors for the proper functioning of the garage door springs. The average lifespan of the garage springs is usually 10 000 cycles. Though that sounds like a huge number, it gets exhausted very quickly. The opening and closing of the garage door are considered as one complete cycle. So, it is always better to get your springs' lifespan checked with an experienced garage door springs replacement company like us. We will provide you with the right time to replace the springs.

Poor maintenance of garage door springs

Garage door springs tend to wear off quickly but maintaining them properly is the only way to extend their life span. Always have an eye to detect the defects. Fixing up the broken springs cannot be possible in most cases. We always prefer garage spring replacement instead of repairing damaged springs.

To avoid spring breakage in the first place, we suggest our clients check the garage door’s balance once in every season. The best way to scrutinize the garage door is to keep it open halfway. Then, check if it stands still at equal height on both ends or not. If it fails, it denotes that the spring failure. In that case, it is always better to approach a professional garage door springs replacement company like us.

Rust formation and corrosion

The formation of rust is also one of the reasons for the spring's failure. Rust leads to increased friction on the coil of the spring and weakens it. This ultimately leads to a reduced lifespan, which means that your spring is about to break at any point.

Over the years, we have done many garage door spring replacements in Matthews. We suggest our clients spray lubricant oil on the springs to prevent them from rust. If you are skeptical of which lubricant to use for the springs, we can suggest the right one for your springs. For more info, call us at 704-910-8392.

When to opt for garage door spring replacement?

If you face any trouble opening and close your garage door or find rust on springs, it's time to replace your springs. However, never try to repair the garage springs on your own because it can be dangerous. The garage door might fall while you are fixing the springs. Instead, reach our company that can install garage door springs instantly and helps you use the garage without the wait.

Perks of choosing us for garage door springs replacement

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We feel free to help you with any queries, even after installing garage door springs with our post-service support.
You don’t need to be worried about the COVID-19 as we always use sanitizers and get regularly tested.

FAQs related to garage door springs replacement

Can a houseowner replace the garage door springs on his own?

Well, homeowners can do the replacement, but only if they have previous experience in replacing them. However, we always suggest not to the replace spring on your own. The springs balance system is almost three hundred pounds; huge to carry. Thus, it could be dangerous. Any imbalance in holding might lead to a fatal accident. Why risk yourself when someone can do it for you in the safest manner?

Do we provide a service call in case of garage door springs repairs?

Yes. Your safety means the most to us. We are always ready to offer our customers a cost-free service call to clear their doubts regarding the garage door and its components. If necessary, we also don't mind visiting your place and inspecting garage door damages and its parts.

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