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Broken door tracks are the common problem faced by many garage owners in Matthews. A broken garage track prevents the functioning of the garage doors and might cause severe injuries to individuals. We, at Matthews, offer very affordable and instant garage door track replacement services to all the residents in and around Matthews. If you are a resident of Matthews looking for a garage door bottom track replacement, you can call us at 704-910-8392.

Matthews Garage Doors have got your back. We provide high-quality garage door services like garage door track replacement, rollers repair, panel replacement, and many other services related to garages. Here are a few details any customer needs to know regarding garage door track replacement services we offer.

What is a Garage Door Track?

The garage door tracks are usually found on both sides of the garage doors. These tracks help in opening and closing the doors. Every garage owner needs to know what a garage door track is and its importance in garage doors' functioning. Knowing these details can help you choose the best door tracks and also reach out to the right garage door track replacement company in case of trouble. As you are here, you can try calling us and taking our service for sure- 704-910-8392.

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Different types of garage door tracks we have repaired so far

There are four different types of garage door tracks used in commercial and residential buildings of Matthews. We have experienced in repairing and replacing all of them. The job is performed by veteran technicians who are experts in their field.

Standard Radius Garage Door Tracks

These garage tracks are the most common type of garage door tracks found in many residential buildings of Matthews. The radius of these tracks is 15" and requires 15" headroom to accommodate them and all other components of these tracks. The more significant is the radius of the ways, the larger headroom will be required to accommodate these tracks.

After seeing and repairing hundreds of door tracks over the years, we recommend our customers the door tracks not less than 12" to avoid any additional work from the operator motor.

Low Headroom Garage Door Tracks

As the name suggests, the low headroom door tracks are used for a lower headroom space, even less than 12". The tracks are often known as dual- tracks and are the best horizontal door tracks to date. The tracks are placed above the horizontal section attached to the curve that elongates from the vertical track. We suggest that these tracks are best suited for the garage doors with large top sections.

Hi-Lift Garage Door Tracks

The hi-lift garage door tracks are used in the garages with taller ceilings, unlike the typical home. The track utilizes more horizontal space and less vertical space while opening the door. So, it is present in a vertical position than a horizontal position when the door opens. We usually use these tracks as an alternative to standard radius tracks.

Vertical Lift Garage Door Tracks

The vertical lift garage door tracks are an alternative to the hi-lift garage tracks. We install tracks are often in industrial and commercial garages. As depicted by the name, the tracks need no horizontal space to open the door.

The vertical track alone slides up and accommodates the opener. We suggest it to owners where the garage door sizes are large, but the horizontal space is limited.

Why do garage door tracks damage?

With our profound experience in garage door track replacement of various types of tracks mentioned above. In our experience, we found that the below mentioned are the primary for garage door tracks' damage. If you find any of the following damages in your garage tracks, feel free to contact a well-known garage door bottom track replacement company like us. Here are our contact details- 704-910-8392.

Improper Rollers

It matters a lot which type of garage door rollers you use. If there is too much friction between garage door rollers and garage door tracks, it can tear the tracks. Therefore, we would suggest taking the advice of our garage door technicians while choosing the rollers.

Broken Garage Cables

Malfunctioning of garage cables also leads to the damage of garage tracks. Once the cables are broken, a huge amount of unsupported weight is released, leading to the garage door tracks' wear and tear.

When the garage door track exceeds the lifespan

Each door track has a lifespan of about 10,000-20,000 lifecycles. Once the lifespan is exceeded, the tracks generally tend to wear out. After the lifespan, the garage tracks do not perform well.

garage door track replacement Matthews NC

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FAQ's related to garage door tracks replacement

How much does a garage door off-track repair cost?

There is no fixed price for the repair of garage door tracks because the cost always depends on the damages caused to the door. For a detailed estimate of the garage door track replacement, installation, and repair pricing structure, you can call us at 704-910-8392.

Will you suggest the best garage door tracks based on the property?

Yes, we are always ready to serve our customers in any way. We also don't mind visiting your place to suggest you the best garage doors. Your comfort means the most to us at Matthews Garage Doors.

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