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There are several garage door repair services providers in Matthews, NC. You must have come across ones that claim to provide all types of services for garage doors. However, if they are good at one service, they lack experience in another.

To avoid such a situation, we hire technicians exclusively for different services. During the issue, we select the most suitable technician who has experience in providing a similar service. It makes sure to render you fast delivery of the solution and exceptional service experience.

We use the materials and tools of high grade, which you won’t find when you choose any other service provider. Though the quality is high, the pricing remains affordable for Matthews residents.

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Our Garage Door Repair and Installation Services

Gargae Door Installation Service

Garage door installation

Garage door installation requires high precision and expertise. That’s why when someone provides you with garage door repair services, he must do a thorough inspection. Our technicians visit your place and take the exact specifications of your garage door. If there are additional requirements, they will take care of those needs too. While we visit your place, we also have a discussion regarding the design requirements. You can let us know if there is a reference. If not, we can still work as per your suggestions. Another important aspect is material. We would suggest you the best material as per the weather and exclusive garage door needs.

garage door opener repair services

Garage door opener repair

Sometimes, it is even tough to detect that garage door openers require repair work. It functions normally but expends more energy than before in lifting the garage door. It is also possible that it lifts the garage door more from one side than another. You must do periodic garage door maintenance to keep a check on all its parts. We are acquainted with both chain drive and belt drive garage door openers. So, whichever you use, we will have perfect solutions for you.

garage door opener installation service

Garage door openers installation

When there is a new garage door, it requires garage door openers to make it function properly. Installing a garage door opener requires skills and the right tools. It could be done by yourself if you have experience with garage doors. However, if you try to install it without guidance, it can lead to improper installation. That can damage your garage door. To avoid it, we would suggest calling professional garage doors services providers like us. We will go through your garage door and check the requirements. According to that, we will provide suggestions on purchasing a garage door opener. After that, we assemble all its parts and check the garage door opener assembly's functioning. If there are any changes required, we will do that and ensure proper movement of the garage doors.

garage door spring replacement services

Garage door Broken springs replacement

You must be thinking that why repairing garage door broken springs is essential. We would like to let you know that springs bear all the garage door load. If they develop rusting and become loose, you need to change them with time. There are multiple types of springs, such as torsion springs, extension springs, and roll-up door springs. You can also recommend garage door springs, and we will conduct research if those springs are up to the mark or not. If you need this service, we suggest calling us because there is a possibility that the garage door can break anytime. That might lead to injuries that you need to avoid for sure.

garage door panel replacement services

Garage door panels replacement

The biggest challenge residents face is replacing the garage door panels that match with the existing garage door. Our Matthews Garage Doors company offers every design that customers require. When you contact us, we send garage door experts to check the broken garage door panels. They take the specifications and existing panel design. According to that, new panels are created which exactly match your requirements.

garage door cable replacement services

Garage door cable repair and replacement

The strength of cable depends upon the number of wires in one strand and material. As always, while providing cable repair or replacement garage door service, we never compromise with the quality. Moreover, we try to provide emergency broken garage door repair to our customers so that they can use their garage doors ASAP.  Please never use garage doors when cables become weak. They might even break while you raise or lower down your garage doors, leading to more damage and injuries.

garage door roller replacement services

Garage door rollers replacement

The material of rollers defines its strength. If you are looking for a short-term solution, then nylon rollers are the best choice. However, nylon-steel composite rollers are recommended for the long term. These rollers don’t even cause noise and ensure the smooth functioning of the garage doors. When your garage door rollers become noisy and cause hindrance in the movement of garage doors, it’s time you call us at 704-910-8392 for our garage door repair.

garage door track replacement services

Garage door track replacement

Out of all garage door services, track repair and replacement requires utmost dedication as it is connected to several parts such as springs, rollers, cables, and panel. While doing the garage door maintenance, we need to check the track by dismantling the garage door assembly. After checking the garage door track, we need to decide whether it’s repairable or not. If repair work is not possible due to damage, we move to garage door track replacement.

Know About Matthews Garage Doors

We are serving Matthews, NC  residents since 2010. In the long span of service, we have built a never-lasting reputation through the review and recommendation of our long-term customers.

As we serve all our customers' issues, they know whom to call whenever there is a fault in garage doors. They reach us without doubting our skills as we have a proven track record. Whenever there is an emergency garage door repair, they know that we are here to rely on.

Our customers can call us anytime for broken garage door repair. If it is urgent, we will visit them right away to provide the solution. All they need to do is to call the phone number: 704-910-8392.

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What make us different from other Garage Door Contractor Matthews NC

We make it easy for customers to communicate with us, unlike other Matthews garage door contractors where you would need to fill long forms and visit their office.
We provide all garage door repair services in one place, whereas other providers only provide limited garage door services.
We don’t keep our customers wait for a long time as we believe in providing the services right away.
You won’t get quality and pocket-friendly prices in case of other contractors, but we provide the right prices without compromising with the quality when you reach us.
Our executives are polite and care to maintain the customer’s privacy. However, most of the service providers don’t pay attention to customer experience.


Steve S.
I approached several garage door technicians before reaching Matthews Garage Doors. My experience with other technicians was not satisfactory. Matthews Garage Doors carefully heard the requirements and works cautiously to provide service exactly how I wanted it. The work was done perfectly, and I recommend them for sure.
Kimberly A.
Replacing the garage door track is an expensive deal. My budget was limited, so I was comparing different garage door companies. Matthews Garage Doors charges are surprisingly low. I thought maybe as the price is low, quality would be low too. But I was fortunately wrong. Their quality is better than others though the prices are low. Also, you can get the service without waiting much. What else a customer would expect!
Ben M.
My wife and I recently moved to a new home, and we wanted to make it look beautiful. Obviously, garage door design plays an important role in the beauty of the home. I created a design by myself, which several garage door service providers rejected. They told me it is not possible as the design appears complex. Matthews Garage Doors supported my design. They provided the garage door and did its installation on time without making even a minor mistake. Now, my home appears more charming than ever.

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